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People Say Trading is Gambling
I Say It’s A Game Of Knowledge

MarketBulls Analytics

The goal of MarketBulls Analytics was to create a tool to support institutional traders and give them the insights of institutional market participants. We can proudly say that we have achieved this. After many years of planning and subsequent implementation, we support many serious traders and help them increase their profits. With various memberships, we give not only already professional traders the opportunity to implement institutional data into their trading. Many data we provide completely free of charge. MarketBulls Analytics is from traders for traders.

MarketBulls Academy

MarketBulls Academy was originally planned only as 1 to 1 coaching. With the high demand, we decided to build a trading academy to help everyone achieve their profitable trading career. The MarketBulls Academy is at the moment under construction and will be completed soon. We hope we can welcome you soon in our academy. Our previous participants have not only increased their profits, but are now trading profitably long term. But we can already tell, that we will limit the access to our academy to ensure that we can provide individual attention to each of our participants.


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