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Institutional Data

COT Data

Commitments of Traders

Commitments of Traders Report can show you the real market direction based on the long and short positions of the market makers. MarketBulls offers you the latest COT report with various analysis tools, indexes, charts and tables.

Seasonal Tendencies


Get the most accurate seasonal tendencies based on a new algorithm for almost any market! Understand weekly, monthly and quarterly trends & market shifts. Use seasonal tendencies for your trading and increase your edge!

Interest Rates

Currency Interest Rates

MarketBulls offers you much more than just interest rates. Analyze and contrast different interest rates to gain a deep fundamental understanding and increase your trading win rates.

Inflation Rates


Understand what inflation really means to the markets, how deviations in inflation are the driver for the market makers decisions and much more. MarketBulls provides all current and historical inflation data for your fundamental analysis.

GDP Rates

GDP Data

Understand GDP trends and economic health by analyzing growth rates. Compare GDP figures to gauge economic performance and inform your investment decisions.

Bank Orders

Institutional Orders

Trade in line with the major institutions by gaining insight into their positions. The banks’ position sizes and market levels round out your trading strategy.


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Easy-To-Use Analytical Platform

With MarketBulls Analytics, you will get access to the greatest data tool for institutional trading. Get all the insights you need with just one tool. Bring your trading to the next level with MarketBulls Analytics.


Live Data Delivery

MarketBulls Analytics works with 34 different data providers to guarantee you live data streams as well as extremely accurate indicator & indexes solutions.


Advanced Institutional Indicators

MarketBulls Analytics gives you access to all institutional indicators, which are based on different institutional data sources and their combination. Access the most accurate indicators based on institutional insights.


Large Market Diversity

Get access to data for almost any market: Currency Futures, Forex, Indices, Bonds, Energy, Metals, Grains, Softs, Meats & more. Get unlimited access to all important institutional data for your specific market.