Seasonal Tendencies – US Dollar USD


Seasonal Tendencies US Dollar USD

The DX US Dollar (USD) Seasonal Tendencies are based on the USD DX Future. The Report contains the USD seasonalities for the last 20, 15, 10, 5, and 2 years.
This seasonal report can give insights on how the market moves in specific times of the years or weeks in a month.

You can identify the most bullish or bearish month of USD in a year and adjust your positioning based on the Seasonal Tendencies.

On avarage over the last 10 years, the US Dollar changed in the month of .

The US Dollar Seasonal Tendencies will be updated every year on the 1st January to include the latest data into the seasonal calculations.
USD Tendencies can be very accurate when used with fundamental analysis hand in hand.
You can find the complete overview for all Seasonal Reports in our Seasonal Tendencies Overview.


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